2 ways to finding the right track for you

We all want to make it big. Thats for sure. Be it a big hollywood movie, best plane crasher (apparently thats a real job), earn a PhD…etc. Whats important though, is finding that lane which can help you get there. And there is a lot of lanes out there. 

Confusing, right.

I want to be a writer. Make the words that i write live within the walls of the people who read them. Regardless of how big you want to be i have realized there are two ways to find that right lane just made for each and everyone of us. Thats one of the main reasons that made me start a blog which made this my first post 🙂        

Here are the 2 ways:

1. Sacrifice is necessary

You will need to sacrifice something in your life to help you deviate from your current lane. It could be money or some friends that dont help elevate your creative side. Its true that to be creative, you do need to spend time with creative artists like your self. In that case you will sacrifice time. Nevertheless, the sacrifice is just enough to help you find your true talent, your true calling.

2. Dont give a shit

Stop carrying about what people tell you. If you didnt ask for that precious advice your distant uncle or cousin or friend gave, pretend it was for someone else or better it was for that pretend friend you had when you were 7 years old or best never happened.  I personally, have a mute button located in my brain where i switch on when i see necessary. Only you get to choose how you receive it, how you block it. Its important because it clears your path and you see clearly that next step you should make and take.

I hope this post has been of value and here is a small piece of my favorite writing piece. 


A positive comeback

So it has been quite a while since i last

posted. But that happened for numerous

reasons i shan’t bore u with.

I shall choose to bore you with other things,

not related to me in anyway although i wish

to one day.

I figured i should comeback with a positive note i got to learn about recently.

It has helped me upgrade my attitude

towards people and life as a whole.

We have the Roland Garros games these

days. For those who don’t know, that’s the

French Open tennis grand slam played

every year in Paris. I find tennis

inspiring because it uproots individualism

in me. I have no issues with a team or being

a team player.

However i do think that one should be good

as an individual first.

In fact excel and sharpen your self first then

become a team player.

To summarize what i wrote in a quote,

Individualism is the iris to your collective eyes…

This has helped me improve upgrade my self and hope it does the same for you

Stay positive 😊

My X is your X, Your Y is my Y

First, let me ask you a question.

How do we determine the gender of the baby before its born?

I thought you’d never ask.

A chromosome is a strand of DNA responsible for producing genes.

Women have two chromosomes, namely XX.
Men have two chromosomes, namely XY.

Once a woman is pregnant and its a few weeks into the pregnancy, the gender of the baby is formed.

The baby carries one chromosome from each parent. From the mom’s side, its always going to be an X, since both her chromosomes are X.

So this leaves the father…

If the baby carries an X chromosome from the father, its a beautiful girl.
If the baby carries a Y chromosome from the father (again),
its a beautiful boy.

This poem talks about what i have just explained with a sprinkle of humanity…

In the beginning,

Nothing differentiates us but a letter

We came from the same parent,

Our father

Be it a girl

Or a boy

You and i are one bean

Split 7 billion and counting times

I am XX

Your XY

Together we made

the whole alphabet

In all languages

Lets hold hands in all colors

Ease tasks of all brothers

Caring for all sisters

Living inside one huge universe…

Though experts disagree

Only few are discovered

Many still unknown…

Above all we care about the health of the child. Yet some people ( disgrace people who have girls. To all

If i had a wish

We all have wishes that we want to come true. We want them to happen as soon as they are out of our mouth, speed up to the sky above and snap, your wish has come to life.
Think about it for a minute.
Could it be that one of the reasons it takes long to grant wishes is due to traffic, i.e. traffic because 7 billion people have wishes every minute, maybe even less.
It is a funny thought.

Keeping jokes aside, i do have a wish.

I wish there was a quick solution about the endless battle between culture, tradition and unfortunately, religion.

If we take the first two people who lived on earth, Adam and Eve, we understand that they were free from the chains of tradition which seems to have manifested all over the world at one point of time like an insecticide, claiming to be useful for the crops. But years after, you realize your health too was affected.

I find asking myself this questions…

When was tradition born? And how did it infuse itself with religion?


In other words,if culture is the eau de parfum, then tradition will be, eau de toilette.

I grew up in an environment that dictated tradition as the number one way of life. And so i began to see it as my enemy, a kind of poison yet invisible to the people around it. Most of them would either submit to it or run away and be casted as a pariah. I chose to have my own opinions and beliefs.

Hence, i met feminism

I am a feminist in the sense i believe a woman should have her own free will. Period.

Ofcourse it goes without saying that men too should have their own free will, i have and know brothers, friends, husbands and what i love for myself i want for others (any living being really). Isn’t that the very essence of humanity…

Women shouldn’t have to buy their own free will from anyone nor should they have to exchange it for something else. We live in the 21th century, yet some women are forced to give up the idea of having a choice or opinion.
Others willingly live that way simply because they know no better.

I am not against men nor do i hate them because i understand clearly that the seed of tradition buried deep was watered by men and nurtured by women.

Though its in their nature, nowadays, women are stopping the nurture. To realize that their very act of nurturing has inflicted terrible abuse against them and their daugthers and many generations after caused a wave of sadness where many got lost trying to reach that “i have right too” station. It took many sacrifices from both women and men to raise awareness to erase tradition. All it did so far is reduce the number of women affected by it.

I know a woman who learnt to drive by herself (luckily no one was harmed. Few tickets though). To me she was an example to how much we have to push ourselves to learn if no one will teach us.
Until recently, Saudi Arabia didnt allow women to drive, for reasons other than religion. For many years, women fought for this basic right to finally be granted few weeks ago. I used to live in Saudi Arabia and though i know genuine, nice people, I found it to be a giant umbrella, sheltering tradition while mixing it with religion. In Pakistan, Afghanistan, women are forced to do what men want them to do, Why? Because it benefits them. India (where i studied and lived for 6 years) made a huge fine for any couple looking to know the gender of their unborn baby. If it was a girl, some opt to abort the baby even if it meant hurting the mother.
Many countries, including my own (Eritrea) subjugate 15 year old girls into marrying 51 year old men who have grandchildren. It is okay if a 14 year old girl come back from school one day and told “your wedding is in two days”.

We have pampered tradition so much that its backed up by religion. I know religions are independent of tradition because all religions preach for peace.

What could possibly be the antidote to this poison?


Let us raise our boys as feminists to eliminate tradition once and for all, live with our cultures that i respect so much and practice religion the right way, free from people’s prejudice.