2 ways to finding the right track for you

We all want to make it big. Thats for sure. Be it a big hollywood movie, best plane crasher (apparently thats a real job), earn a PhD…etc. Whats important though, is finding that lane which can help you get there. And there is a lot of lanes out there. 

Confusing, right.

I want to be a writer. Make the words that i write live within the walls of the people who read them. Regardless of how big you want to be i have realized there are two ways to find that right lane just made for each and everyone of us. Thats one of the main reasons that made me start a blog which made this my first post πŸ™‚        

Here are the 2 ways:

1. Sacrifice is necessary

You will need to sacrifice something in your life to help you deviate from your current lane. It could be money or some friends that dont help elevate your creative side. Its true that to be creative, you do need to spend time with creative artists like your self. In that case you will sacrifice time. Nevertheless, the sacrifice is just enough to help you find your true talent, your true calling.

2. Dont give a shit

Stop carrying about what people tell you. If you didnt ask for that precious advice your distant uncle or cousin or friend gave, pretend it was for someone else or better it was for that pretend friend you had when you were 7 years old or best never happened.  I personally, have a mute button located in my brain where i switch on when i see necessary. Only you get to choose how you receive it, how you block it. Its important because it clears your path and you see clearly that next step you should make and take.

I hope this post has been of value and here is a small piece of my favorite writing piece. 


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