My five phalanges

Every parent want the best for their children. Sometimes though, they intend to club all in one category. Here is the thing, no one is the same and everyone has their way. Im not a parent but i’ve spoken to many and it happens. This prose is dedicated to every unique person…

I  get  in  theory that  you  love  all  five  

You  say none  when  I  ask indirectly 

But  I  needn’t  ask  anymore 

I  see  how you  love  each  one  of  them 

In  different  ways of  course 

You  pray  they all  have  the  best  quality  

And  zero  faults and  failures 

You  have  to  remember  they  aren’t  the  same 

Their  yours for the  taking 

And  take  you  did  proudly 

They pursue  life  explicitly different 

With  your guided  prayers 

They can  reach  the  stars 

Every time  you  want  them  to  be  one  and  the  same 

Look  at  your hand 

Right  or left…don’t  matter 

Your five  fingers are  important   

Yet  they  all  act  uniquely separate… 


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