My kind of heaven, what’s yours?

The typical idea about heaven is that it is a world full of desire that can satisfy you eternally. It differs from one person to another. A childs heaven could be a world disney filled with candies instead of rides. Sometimes, your heaven could be a walk on the beach with a joint and a close friend. Others fantasize to meet a celebrity or better yet end up in that famous Central Perk couch on the  FRIENDS studio located at Warner Bros.

Nevertheless, i wont deny that this are all earthly heavens which really what all of us have witnessed so far. Not to mention, how temporary they become once you experience them. They vary from dreams in that dreams are a future plan you want to achieve but earthly heavens are mostly in the moment kind of thing.

I have to say that the taste of these earthly heavens is so surreal at times, that i had to write a few lines about my kind of heaven.


Parents  cared

Children  obeyed

Trees grown

Dust  settled

Noises silenced

Pollution  subsided

Dictatorship  declined

Poverty murdered

Legal Slavery  abolished

Drugs prohibited

Botany flourished

Food  unwasted

Wishes fulfilled

Judging  ceased

Illnesses cured

Sex climaxed

Love  ignited

Schools  educated

Law enforced

Ego  surrendered

Jails shutdown

Religions taught  righteously

Men  lead

Women  support

Emotions controlled

……a  heaven  I  am  eager to  die  for!


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