Find the right person

This short anecdote is based on a true story that happened at my pharmacy a few months ago. It inspired me to write a quote in my instagram. Moreover, i thought i will write a post about it…


We had a troublesome colleague at work. It wasn’t in his genes to get his work done on time. He was stubborn in just not doing it right. We talked to him, complained to all the managers we can reach. NOTHING.
So, it was pretty much a hopeless case.
Until one early morning, a senior pharmacist was yelling at everyone especially at the guilty party.

It was even before my coffee so you can imagine how people really look like before they have that first cup of coffee, zombies…

Basically, what all that yelling did was attract more people including the manager. By the time she (right person) was done complaining about his carelessness, work was as smooth as a jazz record. That is until it got bad again but atleast we had a few good months at work.

What am saying is when and if the right person gets mad, work have a magical way of improving. The right person doesnt have to be the big boss or the head of the company. It is the person who knows how to say it, when to say it plus have a connection with the big bosses.


I hope you find this post amusing and educating at the same time:)


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