Bleeding empty

A short poem about two lovers, who found love in a hopeless place seven days ago. On the 8th day however, things shifted to a paradigm shift and love became like a wind or even lighter, full of empty.


I kept hiding you from everyone,

When you asked me who we hiding from

I lied to your eyes, said just nosy folks

You believed me…I believed me


Back and forth we go

Dancing to the sound of your kiss

Dark mornings,

but brighter nights

shone without mercy

Then i began to have fun alone

And gambled with our love

Like i was born with *Frane Selak’s luck

To win meant our love was like no other

To loose was a challenge i thought

i could foolishly conquer

But i was faced with the truth…

And lost all and all was you

and gained fear..fear was there

Bleeding me out

But the bleeding was empty

Coz i was empty…

*In 2003, Frane Selak was dubbed “the world’s luckiest man”.


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