My X is your X, Your Y is my Y

First, let me ask you a question.

How do we determine the gender of the baby before its born?

I thought you’d never ask.

A chromosome is a strand of DNA responsible for producing genes.

Women have two chromosomes, namely XX.
Men have two chromosomes, namely XY.

Once a woman is pregnant and its a few weeks into the pregnancy, the gender of the baby is formed.

The baby carries one chromosome from each parent. From the mom’s side, its always going to be an X, since both her chromosomes are X.

So this leaves the father…

If the baby carries an X chromosome from the father, its a beautiful girl.
If the baby carries a Y chromosome from the father (again),
its a beautiful boy.

This poem talks about what i have just explained with a sprinkle of humanity…

In the beginning,

Nothing differentiates us but a letter

We came from the same parent,

Our father

Be it a girl

Or a boy

You and i are one bean

Split 7 billion and counting times

I am XX

Your XY

Together we made

the whole alphabet

In all languages

Lets hold hands in all colors

Ease tasks of all brothers

Caring for all sisters

Living inside one huge universe…

Though experts disagree

Only few are discovered

Many still unknown…

Above all we care about the health of the child. Yet some people ( disgrace people who have girls. To all


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