A positive comeback

So it has been quite a while since i last

posted. But that happened for numerous

reasons i shan’t bore u with.

I shall choose to bore you with other things,

not related to me in anyway although i wish

to one day.

I figured i should comeback with a positive note i got to learn about recently.

It has helped me upgrade my attitude

towards people and life as a whole.

We have the Roland Garros games these

days. For those who don’t know, that’s the

French Open tennis grand slam played

every year in Paris. I find tennis

inspiring because it uproots individualism

in me. I have no issues with a team or being

a team player.

However i do think that one should be good

as an individual first.

In fact excel and sharpen your self first then

become a team player.

To summarize what i wrote in a quote,

Individualism is the iris to your collective eyes…

This has helped me improve upgrade my self and hope it does the same for you

Stay positive 😊


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